Understanding Headaches

Headaches can stem from a variety of issues, which can make it difficult in understanding headaches and what’s causing them.  There are three broad categories that most headaches stem from – physical, emotional, and chemical.  Physical causes include tight neck muscles, subluxation, jaw clenching, or other biomechanical changes.  All these physical changes can cause head pain and may even irritate the Greater Occipital nerve at the base of your skull causing radiating forehead pain.  The emotional component to headaches is stress and tension.  Many times emotional stress translates into a physical issue, which triggers a headache.  Chemical causes vary greatly, and they are often the most difficult to understand.  Chemical headache triggers include food intolerances, smells, hormonal changes (especially women), dehydration, medication side effects, and more.  Addressing the physical, emotional, and chemical components is important to get to the root cause of your headaches.

Keep a journal to understand your headaches better.  Write things down like… When did your headache begin?  Where is it?  Does it radiate anywhere?  What intensity and quality is it?  Do you have light, sound, or smell sensitivity?  What did you eat in the last 24-hours?  If female, where are you at in your menstrual cycle?  Do you have any other symptoms that accompany it?

Your chiropractic can answer any questions you may have about headaches and steer you in the best direction of care.  Regular chiropractic care helps correct spinal changes causing headaches while also ensure your nervous system is functioning at its best. Call our office or request an appointment to learn more!

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